Cardano Incentivized Testnet

So we were having a discussion today about the Cardano Incentivized Testnet. I thought i would start a thread where we can share information about the program. I know many people who are invested in the project.

The official website for this is:

As with everything in this space please be wary of any other sources.

As of December 16, 2019 the balance snapshot is completed (this happened on November 29th) and they are currently giving stake pool operators a chance to get setup before delegation begins.

How do you know you are able to participate in the incentivized testnet? that is easy. If you had Cardano in mainnet Yoroi or Daedalus wallets on November 29th 12 UTC. That Cardano was snapshot into the testnet.

Are you planning on delegating your Cardano? Running your own pool? If there is enough interest we can even attempt a staking pool ourselves.

Please feel free to post your knowledge on this project. I even welcome you to post what you are apprehensive about this testnet. I will update this thread with knowledge I gain over time.


Thank you for the @Correspondents update @agentskull. It will be interesting to track Cardano through this development phase.

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Last week Cardano reported, “We’re now observing over 500 registered stake pools and 7.5 billion ada staked!”. The achievements of Shelly and support for the testnet do not appear to be transferring into price support with the monthly price trending downward.

The price does appear to be stable since mid-December and will hopefully continue to hold the line against the expected bears in the current forecast. The smooth transition of the testnet could possibly provide insight into the full rollout and future arrival of smart contracts in Goguen and it’s new programming language Plutus. Seeing Cardano’s long-range plans and watching them accomplish the milestones, will improve capabilities and confidence that Cardano will become the project that investors first believed in several years ago.

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